Get ahead of UTIs

Uqora is for any woman who wants to maintain urinary health after sexual or physical activity*

What’s Uqora

Uqora is a simple drink mix designed to fight off bacteria and improve urinary health when you need it most.

When to drink Uqora

After sexual activity

Sex is a high risk factor for urinary tract infections in women. It is always recommended that you urinate after sex, but that isn't enough.

After prolonged physical activity

A long bike ride? A long run? After practice? Drink Uqora, especially if you can’t shower right away or you are participating in a sport or activity that requires spandex.

Extended periods without a shower

Backpacking? Camping? Traveling? When you feel like showers might be few and far between, drink Uqora in the morning and/or before bed to help maintain urinary health.