3 Steps Towards Taking Charge of Your Health

October 18, 2016 Uqora Staff

We don’t typically pay attention to our bodies when everything is humming along fine. No, it’s when we’re stopped in our tracks by sickness, pain or inconvenience that we really take notice.

Each physical experience can provide an opportunity to understand our unique body. Hopefully, with maturity, we become more attuned to our body’s vulnerabilities. 

As a runner, I’ve learned that my Achilles heel is my right hip. Through injury and recovery I’ve found a peculiar collection of stretches that ease the tightness in my muscles. When done regularly I’m fine, but if I neglect to do them – not so good. 

Most of us have distinct physical susceptibilities–either because of injuries, genetics, or physical neglect. If you have a recurring problem I encourage you to research your illness or injury while experiencing symptoms. While in the throes of illness, searching for preventative alternatives can offer solutions for future incidents. And taking control of your health can be very powerful.

 Next time you’re feeling sick or in pain I encourage you to:


  • Make each health experience an opportunity to better understand your individual body.
  • Be proactive. Research prevention for your particular ailment and decide on a preventative strategy before recurrence.
  • Always consider natural remedies first, if that is an option. Often, it’s up to you to find the healthy alternatives before turning to medications.

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