4 Ways to Maximize Your Potential as a Runner

Are you a runner (or want to be)? Set yourself up for success by avoiding common pitfalls.


If you’re looking for it, you can always find an excuse not to run. I look forward to running every day, and sometimes it can still be daunting to get that first foot out the door. Some days you’ll be off your game, and that’s okay. But what can you do to maximize your odds of success? Knowing how to prevent injury and other forms of discomfort before heading out for a run is the easiest way to make the experience more enjoyable overall.

Ready to kick your running game into gear? These 4 tips will give you a head start.

Get creative with blister prevention  

I have struggled throughout the years with blisters. I’ve tried everything-Moleskin, Band-Aids, liquid skin, you name it. The best solution that I’ve found thus far is not designed for blisters at all—Vaseline. Coating the back of your socks with a thin layer of Vaseline is the fastest and easiest way to reduce friction, and provide immediate relief for blisters.

Safeguard against chafing

Another similar, friction related issue that is common amongst runners is chafing.  Although Vaseline works on your socks, you don’t want to apply it directly to your skin. I have found that it’s important to invest in a product that is designed specifically for chafing, unlike blisters. One brand that I’ve found to do the job well is Body Glide. Not only is it easy to apply, but it lasts throughout the longest runs and won’t be washed away with sweat or rain.

If injuries come up, be proactive

Although running may be one of the most beneficial forms of exercise, every athlete faces injuries at one point or another.  KT tape is an extremely useful product for runners who have tight or strained muscles. Applying a strip of KT tape along the affected muscle area helps to engage muscles to work together, and avoid putting extra stress on the injured region. While rest is always the best solution for injuries, often times it is not an option to take weeks at a time off. KT tape is a quick way to relieve some of the tension and move towards recovery.

Stay UTI free (duh)

Many runners struggle with recurring UTIs. Spandex and leggings can be a hotbed for bacteria, and the constant movement and perspiration can make things worse. Drinking Uqora after your run can keep you stress-free, and UTI-free. Also, it encourages runners to remember to hydrate!

Running can be hard, but it is also extremely rewarding.  Knowing what products to have to make the process less intimidating is a great first step to reaching your mileage goal!     

- Uqora blogger Ali Rank completed her first half marathon this year and will be taking on another in a few months. 

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