Meet The Pill Club, eliminating birth control middlemen.

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The Pill Club delivers birth control straight to your door with no shipping fees. We can get on board with that! 

TPC & Uqora

This month, we're partnering with The Pill Club to spread the word about easy, accessible birth control. We asked them a few questions to get to know them. 

Describe TPC in 3 words.

Convenient. Accessible. Personalized.

What initially inspired the creation of The Pill Club?

Waiting in line at the pharmacy once a month is a hassle. If people could get their shaving products and makeup mailed to them consistently on a monthly basis, they should be able to get their prescription contraceptives mailed to them as well!

What states do you serve?

We can prescribe to California residents! We are currently able to ship to Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington.

Will you expand to other states?

We plan on expanding to many more states. We hope to get to all 50 by the end of this year and we are working on the ability to prescribe to patients in other states!

What are the benefits of using TPC over your local pharmacy?

The Pill Club strives to provide accessible care to those that want to empower themselves. There was enough of an inconvenience in the world of pharmaceuticals when it came to picking up birth control. We cater to individuals who may be busy working multiple jobs, who don’t have the ability to drive out to a pharmacy every month, and even to those who can’t afford to purchase contraceptives at the price that their preferred retail pharmacy offers it for. We make it easy for those who fall under those umbrellas by providing a delivery service free of charge as well as a prescribing service for California residents who are unable to make a trip to their doctor. We have a team of highly trained medical professionals available via text or phone to answer any questions and concerns that come with their reproductive and sexual health. And who wants to wait in those ridiculous lines at the pharmacy?

Where do you see TPC in 5 years?

We hope to become more than just a retail pharmacy that delivers your birth control. One of our goals is to become a leader in the reproductive and women’s health sector and provide resources and information to those that are not able to obtain that information easily elsewhere. We want to provide individuals with the easily accessible and discreet care that is needed with such sensitive services. Hopefully we’ll be able to cater our services to many more in various states!

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