Want to be an effective leader? Check out these 7 tips.

August 01, 2017 Kaitlyn Matousek

Hone your leadership skills

It’s so easy to recognize a good leader when you see one, yet so hard to describe the je ne sais quoi that makes someone exceptional. Despite the massive range of leadership types, there are often a handful of commonalities. 

Whether you are in charge of a company, saving people's lives in the emergency room or taking care of a family of four, here are some helpful tips to be an effective and respected leader in any situation.

You may be bursting with new ideas and a vision on how to optimize but it’s important to listen to the needs and wants of others to make sure your goals align with theirs. It may be impossible to please everyone, but people will be much more likely to be receptive to change when they feel like their voice is being heard. An effective leader knows how to integrate others perspectives in order to make well-informed decisions.

Sometimes you plan and plan and put all of your effort and heart into one project or one idea and for some reason, things don’t pan out as you expected. Don't be afraid to scrap the old plan and create a new one for the given circumstances. There is a fine line between being resilient and being stubborn. Recognize when it's time to move on.

Learn from past mistakes
No one is perfect, we all make mistakes. A good leader is able to be self-reflective and humble. Think about past actions you have made and the consequences of those actions. What worked and what didn’t? Come up with a plan or strategy for a better future, but never dwell on past setbacks.

Stay well-rounded
You might love and be wholeheartedly dedicated to your job, but don't work all of the time. Turn your phone on the do-not-disturb mode when you are at dinner with friends and family. If being a full-time mom is your job, try your hardest to find time for yourself to do the things that are meaningful to you.

Remain calm
Keep your cool in a stressful situation. No matter what leadership role you have, you will face challenges. When things go wrong, try not to become defensive or pass the blame. Keeping a cool level head through hard times will make finding a solution much easier.

Follow your instincts
Your intuition is a valuable tool and should not be ignored. Have confidence in yourself to make the right decisions.

Stay grateful
Try to focus on what is going well, and cultivate gratitude around the successes. This positive thinking is scientifically proven to make people happier. Once you are filled with gratitude let those people know how much you care and appreciate them.

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