Monday’s Roundup: How to master morning workouts, breaking up the boys club in the tech industry, hilarious tweets from women, & more...

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Doesn’t getting through the winter feel like an Olympic feat at times? Whether you’re sat at work or enjoying the day off (lucky!) our favorite articles from the web will update you before you get in the zone.

"This is not just tech’s problem or a problem for people who want to work in the industry. This is everybody’s problem.” Reporter Emily Chang talks about her new book that exposes the dark areas of tech’s “bro culture”.

Yeast infections always seem to come at out of nowhere at the most inconvenient times. Here’s why you may want a rain check for your bedroom plans. Whomp whomp.  

A 10-year study has found increasing blood sugar levels are associated with cognitive decline.

"Many women try to skip their period for a vacation, sporting event, or wedding and skip the placebo pills of their pill pack and go directly onto the next pack.” Here is everything you need to know about skipping your period on purpose while taking birth control.

“I marveled at the women (and men too, I guess) who breeze into the office at 9 am — looking fit, fabulous, and refreshed — having already gotten in their workout for the day. To me, they are fitness unicorns made of magic and pure, distilled willpower.” One woman shares her story of how she mastered working out in the morning.

“Good morning, everything is still a shitbiscuit but I'm here.” Wise and hilarious words from the women of Twitter.

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