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Monday Roundup: In vitro fertilization & more

1 min read

Fresh Start

There are two ways to look at Monday. It can either be the weekend’s funeral or an entirely new day to slay (we’ll take the latter). Before you get busy channeling your inner Buffy, here are some of our recent favorites from around the web.

Cup of Jo’s “Motherhood Around the World” series focuses on theins and outs of parenting in Guatemala.

Reminders, alarms, a string tied around your finger—no matter what, sometimes you forget to take your birth control.Here’s exactly what to do if that pill escapes your mind.

Time is money—and so is happiness.A new study suggests outsourcing dreaded chores can lead to an improvement in overall life satisfaction.

As Dr. Seuss wrote,“Whether you like it or not, alone is something you’ll be quite a lot”.This articleon the power of solitude will get you ready for the “places you’ll go” on your own.

“I never thought I would need IVF and am nervous to start, but after so many failed IUI cycles, it's time.” One woman’s story aboutwhat it’s really like to do in vitro fertilization.

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