Monday's Roundup: A pie chart of confidence, 5 ethical period products that are changing the game, getting enough calcium, and more

March 20, 2017 Uqora Staff

Fresh start Monday
Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Today we bring you some of our favorite stuff from around the web to ease you into the work week:
A pie chart of confidence, in which the 4 chords you can play on the guitar and the desserts you’ve resisted get some due credit. 
How to get a fancy LA workout at your home gym. 
Do you juice your vegetables? This dietitian is begging you to stop. 
There’s a lot wrong with the feminine hygiene industry (think: our tampons are taxed, but Rogaine isn’t), but these 5 companies are fighting the good fight with ethical period products. 
Are you getting enough calcium? Apparently half of all women aren’t. Here’s where to start
💙 Uqora Team 

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