Monday roundup: Free sunscreen at NYC beaches & more

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 Fresh start Mondays

Happy Memorial Day! Hopefully your weekend was filled with friends, barbecue, and sunshine. We bring you some favorites from around the web this week to give you some comfort as you battle the Sunday Scaries on a Monday. 

“What can I bring tonight?” One of these.
Sweet Potatoes: a love story. Check out these 25 sweet potato recipes.
Beaches in NYC will offer free sunscreen this year. How cool is that? 
"The phone echoes throughout the house, ringing once, twice, three times. She stops in her tracks, eyes wide with fear…This is not the opening scene of a horror movie, but what happens every time my iPhone rings.” Do you still talk on the phone?
The argument for Summer Fridays.

Prevent your next UTI

You guys... this stuff is a life saver.

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Lacey, Uqora customer

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