Monday Roundup: The F.D.A. approves drug to target migraines, & more...

Where did the weekend go? Furthermore, where did May go? 2018 is flying by, however, our hand-picked articles from around the web will keep you grounded in the eye of the storm. Or should we say, eye of the Monday?

“They shake the ground under our feet. They will change the way we treat migraine.” The F.D.A. has just approved Aimovig, an insulin pen-type drug that targets migraines.  

Women in the United States are having children at lower rates-- except for women in the 40s.

“There are a lot of legit reasons for wanting to make this moment a private one, and there's a new pregnancy test hitting the market in mid-2018 that will help make that possible.” Add this flushable pregnancy test to the list of feminine health products that has been made-over to suit the real needs of the people using them: women.

Making new friends can be tedious, even intimidating. This food enthusiast came up with a genius idea for growing her friend group one recipe book at at time.


“Instructors have often seen me walk in to classes and immediately come over to warn me that I won't be able to do their class without seeing me move at all.” Yoga is built on being inclusive, so why are body positive yoga instructors so hard to find?

For all the times you’ve gone on a mission to buy a sports bra but were underwhelmed by the scarcity of options-- here are 11 highly rated and reviewed sports bras that won’t break the bank.

"A lactation consultant is a white NPR-listener with dreadlocks named Indigo, that you have to pay $200 to rush over to your house and Roto-Rooter your titty.” Comedian Ali Wong’s latest stand-up comedy has us wondering, what exactly is a lactation consultant?