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Monday Roundup: Body-positive traveling & more

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Fresh Start Mondays

Happy Labor Day! A wise e-card once said, "Take comfort this Labor Day in knowing the pressure to finally have fun this summer is over." As the much awaited weekend winds down, here are some hand-picked articles from around the web to ease you back into your weekly routine.  

“There’s not a person in America who’s working efficiently and productively between 1 and 5 p.m. on Friday”.In lieu of the weekend festivities,an argument in favor of the permanent three-day weekend.

Travel is for everyone. A body-positive advocate created theInstagram account @FatGirlsTravelingto represent the women traveling the world who are rarely seen on popular travel Instagrams.

“Periods don’t stop during a natural disaster!”.Hurricane Harvey victims are in need of pads and tampons—here’s what you can do to help.

While the cause is unknown,a new study reveals that breastfeeding may reduce the risk of endometriosis.

“When I finally accepted who I was and made the decision to transition, there was an immediate improvement in my self-esteem, confidence, and mental state”.10 transgender people discuss what they wish they knew before transitioning.

This recipe for Greek nachos makes for a simple snack. (No Herculean strength required.)

In addition to that moment when you realize the person waving to you is actually waving to the personbehindyou, here are5 ways to keep your ego in check.

Labor Day

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