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Monday roundup: Success on tinder & more...

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Monday Roundup, Love Edition
Valentine’s Day is upon us and love is in the air. This week we’ve ditched our usual health roundup to bring you some of the best mushy posts from around the web: 
How do you know if your partner is the one? It’s fascinating to read how widely everyone’s answers range, from “we laughed at each other's jokes" to "it was a choice."
Would you consider getting hitched at a pop-up weddinglike this one in Vancouver
Just about ready to give up on dating apps? These Tinder success stories might restore your faith. 
How to be mindful while falling in love to avoid "throwing ourselves off a cliff and falling without any hope of parachute or sense that we may get wounded along the way.” 
The probability of running into an ex. Spoiler alert, according to the pie chart you'll most likely be purchasing a personal pizza at the time. 

❤️ Enjoy your week!

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