Monday Roundup: sponsored by food and feminism

March 06, 2017 Uqora Staff

Monday round up
Happy Monday! This week we bring you a handful of healthy recipes kick off your week, plus a dose of feminism in celebration of Women’s History Month. 
A 15-minute keeper: this lemony greek soup is delicious, and there’s a good chance you already have these 5 ingredients on-hand. 
Have you ever made shakshuka?
Hygge, so hot right now: try these healthy soup recipes that “bring ‘Hygge' to mealtime.” (Can't figure out what hygge is supposed to mean? You’re not alone.
Happy Women’s History Month. Read the brief history of Women’s History Month here.
Why feminism still needs to be called feminism. 
You’ll be seeing some bossy ladies replace the Brawny man this month!
This journalist asked men on Tinder if they consider themselves feminists. Answers are funny (and sad). 

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