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Monday Roundup: What should — and shouldn’t — happen during gynecological exams, & more...

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Monslay [muhn-slay] (n.) : The act of being a boss on a Monday whilst overcoming the urge to hit snooze or retreat to your sheets.


It may be easier said than done, but you’ll be motivated and determined to slay the day with our favorite articles from around the web!


“A gynecology visit is much more than putting fingers in the vagina and doing a Pap smear. I want to make sure you’re O.K. overall before I make you take your clothes off.” Given the recent cases of severe misconduct from a physician and a gynecologist,here is what to expect out of a gynecological visit-- and what is crossing the line.

New research published inJAMA Oncology suggests that consuming less dietary fat after being diagnosed with breast cancer may significantly improve a person's survival rate.


Dodging people on the sidewalks, getting stuck at traffic lights, mysterious foul odors lurking throughout the streets: these are just some of the joys of running in New York City. Not only are these running routes in NYC aesthetically pleasing-- they don’t smell as well!


“For anyone who might be navigating this right now, I get it. You should know that what you're going through is normal, and that it's OK to not feel like yourself.” Not everyone who gets a period is a woman. Kenny Jonestalks about the challenge that gets overlooked in the trans and non-binary communities.


If a new product sounds too good to be true, that's probably because it is. This summer, we'll all just have to apply our sunscreen the old-fashioned way: topically.” Are sunscreen pills the new snake oil?The F.D.A. weighs in.

You don't have to tell us twice-- sleeping in on the weekend may actually be good for you? Time to repay your sleep debts on your next day off!

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