Monday's Roundup: When Doctors Downplay Women’s Health Concerns, & more...


In lieu of “May the Fourth be with you”, today we channel our inner Yoda and say, “Monday it is, destroy it, we must!” As you try your best to keep on target, our hand-selected articles from the web are here to *briefly* relieve you of your adult responsibilities.

“I can’t tell you how many women I’ve seen who have gone to see numerous doctors, only to be told their issues were stress-related or all in their heads...Many of these patients were later diagnosed with serious neurological problems, like multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease. They knew something was wrong, but had been discounted and instructed not to trust their own intuition.”  Journalist Camille Noe Pagán delivers the facts about the disparities between how women and men are treated in medical settings.

What’s the best way to treat a yeast infection during pregnancy? Most over-the-counter solutions are safe, but there are creams in particular that should be avoided.

A concerning amount of women have been diagnosed with ocular melanoma in Huntersville, NC, and Auburn, AL, but nobody knows why. What is ocular melanoma? And, how are doctors solving this mystery?

“LOLA believes in fostering conversations about reproductive health and women’s needs throughout their lives. The brand’s latest release, Sex by LOLA, is a line of sex and wellness products that embody the spirit of ‘for women, by women.’” We are loving this launch of sexual health products, where do we sign up?!

The best thing about considering a career in the tech industry? The immediate, free resources to help you get the ball rolling. This free eBook, How to Code in Python, is set up for beginners and for programmers who need it as a reference.

Store-bought granola, nut and cereal  bars are that quick fix when hunger creeps up on you at work. But if you want a cleaner, cheaper version, you can make them yourself here!

Maybe you wear a Diva Cup, or a Moon Cup, or a MeLuna Cup, whichever your preference, menstrual cup variety is key. But, have you heard of the Hello Cup? The design is a game-changer and “bloody brilliant”.