Monday Roundup: Yoga with cats, birth control recall, Madrid's campaign against manspreading & more

June 12, 2017 Kimberly Williams

Monday roundup

Need one more distraction before you get down to business today? Check out what we’ve gathered from the web for you:

These cat shelters taking vinyasa to vinPAWsa by offering yoga classes with cats.

A 27-year study concludes binge drinking as a teen may result in high blood sugar for women later on in life.

Time to bust out (and maybe dust off) the tupperware. Here are 15 meal prep recipes that will last your entire week. The hardest part is deciding!

This birth control pill is being recalled due to a packaging error that could cause unintended pregnancy.

More reasons to love Madrid: they have officially prohibited “manspreading” on buses and metro trains.

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