Monday’s Roundup: Miscarriage myths, teaching STEM through dance, affordable cities that make great homes, & more…

December 04, 2017 Kimberly Williams

Fresh start

Yamileé Toussaint is tackling the serious gender gap when it comes to STEM. She founded STEM from Dance to get young girls into coding and engineering. Activities include creating flashing lights in their clothing and coding moving backgrounds to synchronize with their Beyoncé choreography. Where can we sign up?!

“For the girl who is getting the infertility diagnosis now, it’s not hopeless.” The first woman in the United States has given birth after a uterus transplant.

New year, new home? Here are 6 cheap and utterly beautiful places to relocate to if you want to start over in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible.

“Miscarriages are extremely common, rarely talked about, and wrought with misinformation.” Gynecologist, Yalda Ashfar M.D.,Ph.D., discusses the miscarriage myths we need to stop believing.

While experts do not know the root cause of endometriosis, these five symptoms may indicate that you could be suffering from the condition.

‘Tis the season for witty holiday tweets. Here are the 20 funniest tweets from women this week.

Do you find yourself throwing out the pulp from your juicer? Here's to making the most of your fruits and veggies with these delicious juice pulp recipes. (And/or an argument for a juicer if you don't have one.) 

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