Monday’s Roundup: ‘Halloweening’ as an adult, a unique World Series first pitch, a diabetes monitor that spares finger pricks, & more…

October 30, 2017 Kimberly Williams

It’s nearly Halloween! We hope you had a good weekend filled with costumes, parties, and not having to wake up too early. Here are our favorite posts from this week, you go ghoul!

This second grader with a 3-D printed hand is taking girl power to a whole new level as she will throw out the first pitch at the World Series.

“I don’t think my peers, who don’t come from immigrant families, fully understand the weight and burden of disappointing your parents”. 10 first-generation women discuss how they deal with their parents’ expectations to land the career they want.

The average American with a side hustle makes $3,075 per year. These three women share how they make ends meet.

“My black-market purchase helps me manage my Type 1 diabetes without the need to draw blood from my callused fingers 10-plus times a day.” The FreeStyle Libre, a diabetes monitor that spares painful pricks, will soon be available in the U.S.

While neither the definition nor the treatment for the endometriosis is straightforward, researchers at MIT are implementing a new 3-D culturing system to better understand the condition.

As if it weren’t already difficult enough to only buy one thing from Target, these are the healthiest packaged foods you can pick up on your next trip there.


“The Omg-I’m-So-Tired-How-Will-I-Ever-Make-It-Past-11:00 pm Phenomenon” and six other things you experience on Halloween as an adult.

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