Monday’s Roundup: Instagram addicts & more

Jun 26, 2017 | Kimberly Williams

Fresh start monday

It’s officially the start of your work week but it’s also officially summer! Here are some little gems from around the web to take your mind off all the fun things you should be doing outside right now. 

Solange Knowles won the Centric Award at the BET Awards. Her acceptance speech highlights the importance of representation in mainstream media.

“Every night, I devour them like I’m watching reality TV”. Are you addicted to Instagram stories?

Cold brew with coconut creamer — treat yo’self without breaking the bank.

This medical breakthrough stopped a woman’s painful recurring genital herpes outbreak and may change the way we handle the virus forever. 

The glitter, the glam, the energy. Here’s how people celebrated the start of Pride month around the world. Nothing short of fabulous.

"Men can be so hormonal." The number of men taking testosterone supplements has nearly doubled in just 4 years. Meanwhile, neuroscientists are uncovering evidence suggesting that when men take testosterone, they make more impulsive — and often faulty — decisions.


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