Monday’s Roundup: Lower back pain when you run & more...

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Brrrr! Is it cold outside for you? Although you might feel like running back inside on putting on your pajamas, never fear, the Monday Roundup is here! Just stay focused on our hand-selected articles from this week and before you know it you’ll be all cozy in your car, office, or in a crowded form of public transportation.


"I feel that to continue getting women to play, we as a team have to show that we’re not letting it affect us." An all-female competitive gaming team gives us a glimpse into the realm of gameplay and how they smash the competition. 


That annoying feeling like you've always gotta pee? Here are eleven explanations behind your constant urge to go to the bathroom. 


"Essentially, when you have weak or non-active deep core muscles, you might still be able to run the same way, with the same form, but you'll end up overloading the lumbar spine." Researchers have found out why your lower back is hurting while running, and it doesn't have to do with your legs. 


For some people, winter is more than the struggle of cold temperatures and fewer hours of daylight. Although the area requires further study, researches have found that women are more likely to suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD). 


“There’s more and more emphasis to thinking about the ways bias shapes the way we hear our patients." Serena Williams faced life-threatening complications after childbirth, she had to insist on how to be treated. She's not alone, as life-threatening complications during delivery and recovery are all too common for black and Hispanic women.


Do you have a big birthday coming up in the next year? While this post is geared towards adopting "life upgrades" before you turn 30, these enhancements apply to any age. As my grandma always says, "In my mind, I'm still 19!".


New year, time to bust out some new recipes! Here are 18 light and energizing recipes to kick off 2018. 


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