Monday’s Roundup: Newer birth control pills might lower the risk of ovarian cancer


 If your Monday mood and your Friday mood were a Venn diagram, would their circles even touch?! Read our favorite articles from the web this week and have a Friday kind of Monday.

“Remember that conversation is part of what you bring to any social event.” Avoid the chirping crickets and check out this simple trick to having better conversations.  

Did you know a fracture anywhere in your body reduces bone density throughout your body? A new study explains how one fracture can lead to others.

"Use of contemporary combined hormonal contraceptives is associated with a reduction in ovarian cancer risk in women of reproductive age — an effect related to duration of use, which diminishes after stopping use."  Newer birth control pills could lower the risk of ovarian cancer.

The modern “birds and the bees” talk is turning into a conversation about consent and body positivity. One author discusses what she has learned from her Dutch counterparts.

“For two weeks, I was going to commit to not looking at my phone at all, until at least an hour after I woke up, and at least an hour before I wanted to go to bed.” Do you need a digital detox? Positive outcomes await.

Eggplant lovers (and haters) will love these mini crispy eggplant pizzas! Hearty, healthy, and easy to make.