Monday’s Roundup: Photoshop warnings in France, taking your life back (from your phone), skills every successful CEO has mastered, & more

October 09, 2017 Kimberly Williams

Happy Monday! We know it’s going to take more than an inspirational quote and coffee to get through the day. That said, our hand-picked articles are the extra pick-me-up to get your week started!

As if there aren’t enough reasons to love France, photoshopped ads in the country will now feature warning labels like cigarettes. Talk about a step in the right direction.

“My IUD insertion experience was a debacle of the highest order”. Are doctors underestimating the pain of an IUD insertion?

HBO’s Big Little Lies' portrayal of domestic violence is debunking stereotypes. These examples underscore that domestic violence isn’t always physical.

“Let's face it, your phone has been running the show for way too long, and it's time to take your life back.” This app helps you find a balance when it comes to that love/hate relationship with your phone.

“We want to help new moms and to really answer all of their questions, so our Guideshops and Pop-Ups are all about that experience.” Monica + Andy CEO Monica Royer talks about the key skills every successful entrepreneur has mastered.

Tray bake dinners are easy weekday meals that take little prep and cleanup! This ‘Veggie Tray Extra Everything” recipe is a staple you may want to adopt!

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