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Monday’s Roundup: Surprising UTI symptoms, & more...

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It’s Monday, but don’t panic. Keep calm and October on! Our preferred posts from around the web will get you back on track and ready to take on the week.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to code but weren’t sure if it’s the right fit for you? Check outthese mythsabout learning to code online to dispel any perceived roadblocks.

Many of us are familiar with the tell-tale symptoms of urinary tract infections. But did you know that UTIs can present themselves in different ways? Here aresurprising signs you have a UTI but don’t know it.

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic have discovered that the drug estradiol could be anew treatment for subgroup of women who have triple-negative breast cancer.

Say what???!! In Australia, cervical cancer could be eliminatedin the next twenty years due to a government initiative to vaccinate children against the human papillomavirus.

Considering a more long-term solution when it comes to birth control? Here’s howto figure out which IUD is right for you.

Ah, one of life’s most pressing questions:Am I tired or just lazy? What do you do if you’re both?

Prevent your next UTI

You guys... this stuff is a life saver.

"I suffered from CHRONIC UTIs and have had some pretty serious repercussions from taking mass amounts of antibiotics. I have not had a UTI since I started taking uqora. I drink it after things that are my triggers (sex in particular) and it stops it in it’s tracks!"
Lacey, Uqora customer

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