Monday’s Roundup: The “bladder microbiome”, & more…

Jul 02, 2018 | Kimberly Williams

A few essentials before you get this week started: SPF, fireworks, sandals--and--- our carefully curated distractions from around the web!

"It raises the question: if antibiotics are used to kill the 'bad' bacteria in patients with UTIs, could this also upset the balance of healthy bacteria that have a protective effect, much like in the gut?" Australian researchers have discovered that the female bladder is home to a microbiome of good and bad bacteria. Your vagina and gut aren’t the only ones with a dynamic mini ecosystem!

Did you know women only account for 24% of STEM careers in the U.S.? Mattel is doing their part to change that by designing a “Robotics Engineer Barbie” complete with a free web classes from a partnership with Tynker.

There’s no denying the helpful impact fitness can have on mental health. A new study reveals physical fitness in middle age is associated to a lower risk of later-life depression and death from cardiovascular disease.

Anything worthwhile in life usually happens outside of your comfort zone. Whether you’re new to solo travel or you’re a valiant veteran, hitting the road on your own will always push your limits. Have you considered these destinations for travelling alone?

“Vaginas smell like vaginas, and that’s perfectly OK. But a distinctly...sashimi...odor is usually a sign that you should see your doctor.” What does it mean if you have a fishy vaginal odor? It’s most likely your body telling you something’s up.

“The dread of having to potentially validate my identity to people rendered me silent for the first five months of my job. Even though no one gave me a specific reason to feel unsafe or judged — I was working in a progressive industry in New York City, after all.” A New York newbie discusses navigating the murky waters of coming out at work.

For some of us, when we turn the lights out, it’s like saying, “Ready. Set. GO!” to our brains. This breathing technique will relax your body, so you can optimize your Zzzzz’s.

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