Monday’s Roundup: The first at-home testing for breast cancer mutations & more…

Mar 12, 2018 | Kimberly Williams

Monday’s Roundup: The first at-home testing for breast cancer mutations, Uber for hospitals, and, did you grow up in a different social class from your parents?

Time changes can be brutal! You may have lost an hour of sleep, but think of that extra daylight as the light at the end of the tunnel: spring quickly approaching. Our hand-selected articles from around the web will help you spring forward into your week!

“You’re Uber driver has arrived”, and they’re taking you to your doctor’s appointment?! The ride sharing company is launching Uber Health-- which allows doctors and hospitals to schedules rides for their patients.

“The test provides information to certain individuals who may be at increased breast, ovarian or prostate cancer risk and who might not otherwise get genetic screening, and is a step forward in the availability of direct-to-consumer genetic tests. But it has a lot of caveats.” The F.D.A has approved home testing for breast cancer mutations, but even a negative result doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in the clear.

How is your phone-life balance? Motorola has released a quiz to determine if you are a ‘Phonosapien’ or a full-blown ‘Phonatic’ along with tips on how to cut-down.  

“We’re not defined by our body parts. What it means to be a woman or man is not exclusive to physical anatomy. Womanhood and manhood are social constructs that have changed over time.” Three women explain why anatomy doesn’t dictate their gender.

“I didn’t grow up middle class. I grew up in survival mode. I don’t know how to raise middle class kids.” Did you grow up in a different social class from your parents?

How common is it to get an infection from a menstrual cup? Chances are you’re good, however, here are some easy steps to follow to make sure harmful bacteria isn’t hitching a ride.

Who run the world?  Girls. From France to Pakistan, to Ecuador, these 55 images of girls going to school are utterly captivating.

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