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Monday’s Roundup: A UTI that turned out to be cancer & more

1 min read

Fresh Start Monday

Fact: Mondays are rough. That said, we’ve brought you some stories from around the web that will ease your “Case of the Mondays”. Enjoy!

This high school all-girl engineering team invented asolar-powered tent for the homeless. They won a $10,000 grant from the Lemelson-MIT Program to develop the invention.  

This dog owner is a vegan… and so is her dog. Would you consider it for your dog?

At age 28, this woman writes about herUTI that turned out to be bladder cancer.

A new study reveals that even a quick workout can leave youfeeling stronger and better about your body.

Zucchini: the vegetable of versatility. Here are 16 zucchini recipes that aren’t zoodles!

Bloomberg’s Emily Banks called out Apple for havinga white male as the iPhone’s go-to emoji for “Ceo”. The second option is a white female. Let’s get that updated real quick.

“Moving things around sometimes packs as much of a punch as new furniture.”9 ways to transform your home on a budget.

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