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Monday’s Roundup: Caring for aging relatives & more...

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Fresh Start 2018

New year, same roundup—bringing you the internet bangers from this week. We have our hand-picked articles to kick off the week and year. Here’s to a fresh start in 2018!

Award-winning DNA chemists, robotics teams, tech wizards; these are just some of thewomen in STEM to watch in 2018.

“If I had gone back to sleep that morning, as I had wanted to, I may not have awakened, and if I did, there probably would have been devastating damage to my heart.” Heart attack symptoms tend to present themselves differently for women;here are the signs you shouldn’t ignore.

Probiotics gained popularity in 2017 in the health and fitness realm. However, their success is dependent on prebiotics—here’s how to know if you’re getting enough of both.

“The burden of care weighs predominantly on their wives and the daughters. About a quarter of women 45 to 64 years old and one in seven of those 35 to 44 are caring for an older relative.” Women are opting out of the workforce to care for aging relatives,as they earn less money, this will be a growing issue for the economy.

Researchers in Milan have discovered that the inner workings of a molecular mechanism explain howsome breast cancer is more aggressive and resistant to chemotherapy than others. The breakthrough could lead to new prevention strategies and therapies.

“I’m afraid my neighbors are starting to notice that I can't tell them apart but greet each of their dogs by name.” These are themost hilarious tweets from women in 2017. #ROFL

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