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Monday's Roundup: Testing your fertility & more...

1 min read

Happy Monday! Anyone else feel like the work week just flies by in December? Hopefully you can carve out a few minutes of procrastination with us—as always, we have picked some stand-out articles to start your week.

Job interviews: not everyone’s favorite. The best part? The end, when it’s your chance to turn the tables and SLAY with these 9 best questions to ask in an interview.

“Being labeled ‘infertile’ doesn’t mean you’ll never have kids. Experts remind us that one or two tests cannot determine the full picture of your fertility on your own.” There is much more to testing your fertility than just counting eggs.

Sometimes brain fog lingers even after a great night’s sleep or a strong coffee.Here are some pointers to help you refocus.

“Why the disparity? Maybe the [publishing] industry thinks we’ve been parents already, so we don’t need or want books about grandparenting, even though these are very different roles.” Writer and grandparent, Paula Span,gets to the bottom of the “grandparent guidebook” shortage.

Should women be paid to donate their breast milk? Breast milk donation is gaining popularity in the U.S.. However,lack of compensation and unregulated networks are still roadblocks for milk banks.

Chocolate peanut butter fudge that’s vegan and only takes four ingredients to make? It’ a Christmas miracle!Get the quick recipe here.


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