Monday's Roundup: Calling B.S. on big data & more...

Fresh Start

It’s already June! Anyone else feel like that came fast?

As always, we bring you some of our favorite articles from around the web to kick off your week.

Things I definitely did not need to pack” (AKA running shoes: ha!)

June means Pride Month. Google “doodle” artist gives a nod to Gilbert Baker, the creator of the rainbow flag.

Two women who built careers that let them vacation indefinitely.

Black hair is beautiful. #BlackGirlHairChallenge on Twitter celebrates “versatility, diversity, and magic”.

You don’t need a statistics degree to call B.S. on big data. This may come in handy for those heated conversations.

Harvard Business School alumna and M.I.A. backup drummer, Kiran Gandhi, discusses how “Being The ‘Only’ Woman is Exhausting & SO Important”.

Got 10 minutes to spare? Watch Everybody Does It, a short comedy about female masturbation.