Monday's Roundup: Climate change and pregnancy & more...

Mondays like these can be a little rough after the long weekend-- luckily our favorite articles from around the web will bring you out of that food coma and ready to take on December!

“In just one year, these women went from a homemade sled to the Olympic games.”  A Nigerian bobsled team is the first to compete in the history of Nigeria at the Winter Olympics. Furthermore, these three women are the first ever bobsled team to hail from an African country. Talk about #MondayMotivation!

Scientists find that climate change is especially dangerous for pregnant women; heat waves and increasing temperatures were linked to premature births and stillbirths.

“As you well know if you're going through treatment, chemotherapy and radiation often cause side effects that make it difficult to eat, like low appetite, nausea, taste changes, or difficulty chewing and swallowing.” If you or someone close to you is going through cancer treatment, this guide makes it easier to maintain energy and enjoy eating.

The looming concern about eating habits around the holidays can be an uphill battle mentally. One dietitian shares why you should never negate or earn food with exercise.

“As a business owner, I quickly learned people respond when I deliver a product that reflects a strong brand.” An entrepreneur shares important lessons to consider before embarking into the business world.

Have you ever tried a savory peanut butter sandwich? Step aside jelly and bananas because there’s a new recipe on the web for a green peanut butter sandwich.

“More media representation of people with disabilities is crucial for expanding perception of what a body looks like, and that includes social media representation.” These body positivity advocates with disabilities share their lives with their Instagram followers-- be sure to follow suit!