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Monday's Roundup: E.coli symptoms to watch out for, & more...

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Monday's Roundup: E.coli symptoms to watch out for, dispelling vulva myths, & more...

“It’s been a long week.”-- Me, in the middle of Monday. Need some #MondayMotivation before you get in the zone today? We’ve rounded up our favorite articles so you don’t have to aimlessly scroll and browse around for the good stuff!


“This practice is referred to as the 'ostrich effect,' since investors often avoid negative information in the same way that ostriches put their heads in the sand. Reader, I could no longer afford to be the ostrich.” The best thing you can do for your finances?Get your head out of the sand by checking those statements.  


Did you know women are less likely to survive their first heart attack than men? Our symptoms are different and we’re more likely to suffer from “silent” heart attacks.Here are the warning signs that are often mistaken for other illnesses.  


Badass Women Alert: Tammi Jo Shults, the pilot who safely landed a Southwest flight after engine failure, joins a legacy of remarkable women pilots.


"Our goal withThe Wonder Down Under is that women will get the honest, science-based information they need to make wise choices for their own sexual health. Women deserve to know how their bodies work.” On that note, here are myths about the vulva that impact your sexual health.


The menstruating human throws awayan average of 300 pounds of pads, tampons, plastic applicators, and packaging in their lifetime!In lieu of yesterday’s Earth Day celebrations, writer Kasandra Brabaw discusses weather or not you need to worry about making your period more “green”.


The F.D.A. is warning people to ditch all romaine lettuce products after an E.coli outbreak.Here are the E.coli symptoms to watch out for, just in case you ate contaminated romaine lettuce.


The freezer aisle doesn’t get the credit it deserves when it comes to healthy options! So, what can you buy in the freezer aisle that’s actually healthy?Nutritionists have the answers.


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