Monday’s Roundup: Managing incontinence, & more

Monday Roundup

Monday’s Roundup: Failing the Pacific Crest Trail, birth control, and successful entrepreneurship, how endometriosis affects pregnancy, & more...

Goodbye February, hello March! Just think, each day is one step closer to summer. Or maybe you’re more of the live-in-the-moment type. In that case, here are our favorite articles from around the web to help you embrace Monday.

“Women of color all over the US are getting prepped to take on the world, through college degrees and big ideas. And for them, being able to choose their own reproductive future is the secret weapon that makes them flourish.” Female entrepreneurs of color say that being able to access birth control was paramount to their success.

It’s widely known that endometriosis can affect fertility. However, if you are able to become pregnant, are there any complications you should be on the lookout for?

“The survey found that people who used these three apps before bed not only had lower sleep quality but also lower sleep quantity.” We all know shutting off your phone before bed is easier said than done. Did you know that the apps you use before you snooze also impact your sleep?

Urinary incontinence affects the lives of many. While it can be a stressful condition, here are some tips for managing incontinence.  

“My assignment, in advance of the elections in Italy, was to portray the lack of services for women — in particular, the continual chipping away at maternity support for working mothers. And here I was again in my all-too-familiar routine of scrambling for child care.” A New York Times photographer is left with no other choice but to bring her daughter to work.

“I’d been afraid I was the kind of person who only took low-risk chances, but then I quit my job to hike.” One woman tells her story about setting out to hike the Pacific Crest Trail and failing.