Monday's Roundup: Women are more likely to survive heart attacks if treated by a female physician, & more...

Aug 20, 2018 | Kimberly Williams

Are you fighting a case of the Mondays? Need some motivation before you get down to business today? We’ve rounded up our favorite articles so you don’t have to aimlessly scroll and browse around for the good stuff!


“These results suggest a reason why gender inequality in heart attack mortality persists: Most physicians are male, and male physicians appear to have trouble treating female patients.” Women are more likely to survive heart attacks if they are treated by female doctors.


The only ring we want: Annovera. The FDA has just approved a contraceptive vaginal ring that can be used for the whole year. Hallelujah!


What happens to your social life when you become sober? Holly Glenn Whitaker, the founder and CEO of Hip Sobriety discusses the inevitable social woes of sobriety.


"Ovarian cysts are extremely common, because the ovaries are active, so as they’re working and ovulating, cysts can form." Should you be worried about ovarian cysts?


Once a month, A Cup of Jo asks finance expert Paco de Leon questions about all things money. Check out this financial wiz here, and get some tips for investing while you’re at it!


Looking for something simple yet indulgent? This potato salad with a tangy vinegarette is the perfect solution for all those mayo haters.

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