National UTI Awareness Day

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National UTI Awareness Day

November is Bladder Health Awareness Month. To further amplify the mass affect and prevalence of UTIs, Uqora declares November 21st National UTI Awareness Day.

Uqora declares the first-ever National UTI Awareness Day

In the midst of Bladder Health Month this November, we believe the first step toward improving the journey for the millions of people who struggle with urinary tract health is increasing awareness on this massive health issue. With that, we have declared November 21st National UTI Awareness Day!

UTIs are the second most common infection in the U.S, second only to the common cold. Despite its mass prevalence, innovation in the urinary health space has lagged. National UTI Awareness Day is an opportunity to give a spotlight to the millions of people who are affected by urinary tract health, but often feel invisible.

For those that struggle with UTIs, you know how debilitating, frustrating and anxiety inducing the experience can be. Here at Uqora, we have created a community of people who understand the journey to better urinary tract health.

“Our stories and voices are so much more powerful as a unified collective. National UTI Awareness Day was actually an idea presented to us by one of our customers. She was so happy to have found a group of people who understood what she was going through. She felt it deserved to be a national holiday, and we loved the intention of what declaring a day of recognition meant. National UTI Awareness Day is an opportunity for anyone pursuing urinary health to know that they are not alone,” — Jenna Ryan, Uqora CEO.

Join us in sharing your story to better urinary health with the hashtag #NationalUTIAwarenessDay!

Share your story

To promote National UTI Awareness Day and let others know they are not alone, we encourage anyone to share their story by posting a selfie on Instagram with the hashtag #NationalUTIAwarenessDay to further spread awareness about this important health issue.

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