Overcoming a Decades-Long Battle with UTIs

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Escaping the cycle of chronic UTIs

This is a guest post by Casey Shull, a Uqora customer.

It was well past midnight when I woke up with the urge to go. I climbed out of bed and zombie-walked my way to the bathroom. Without flipping on the light, I sat down to relieve myself. Before I had even reached midstream I knew something was wrong. The all too familiar pain, followed by the smell, and then burning afterwards. I had yet another UTI. I popped a few OTC Pyridium and hoped the InstaCare wasn’t crowded in the morning.

My saga with UTIs started just after I hit puberty. At first, they only showed up once a year. Particularly around my birthday. It was as if my body was giving me an extremely unwanted birthday gift. After getting married in my late 20s, the problem increased tenfold, to the point where I was getting them at least once every two weeks. Things became unbearable. The crippling pain, the feeling of hopelessness. The medical staff got to know me so well I would walk in and the receptionist would say, “Again?” as she checked me in.

I was born with kidney dysplasia, resulting in my left kidney being removed shortly after birth and leaving me with only one working kidney. As a result, I’m extremely protective of my kidney and the thought of not using medical treatments to prevent and treat UTIs was not something that was even on my radar. When my doctor suggested taking a small dosage antibiotic as needed (ie. after sex) as a precaution to stave off UTIs, I didn’t hesitate. To my delight, it worked for a couple years but unfortunately (as can happen) my bacteria grew a resistance to the medicine and over time, even at full dosage, it failed to help.

The next suggestion was to move on to a different antibiotic and start the process all over again but I was uncomfortable with the idea. What happens if I become resistant to all the common antibiotics to treat UTIs? What then? And how could I keep my gut healthy when I’m constantly popping pills?

When I stumbled upon Uqora I was doing what I’m sure a lot of you have done. Looking up information about UTIs and preventions. I was like a lot of you. I laughed at people who suggested cranberry juice and urinating after sex. While those things have their place, for chronic sufferers it’s like reminding an adult to wash their hands after using the bathroom.

During my search an ad for Uqora came up. Out of curiosity (and desperation) I clicked on their site. Their information sounded promising and interesting but it was the reviews that drew me in. Page after page after page I read about stories of people who knew or were suffering the same way I was. I wasn’t alone in my pain and frustration. People were swearing by it. I decided I didn’t have anything to lose so I placed an order for their Target UTI Prevention drink mix.

I’ll admit the first time I used it I was terrified. This would be the first time I didn’t take an antibiotic after a trigger and I thought for sure I would wake up in the middle of the night with that awful pain.

As a writer, it’s my job to use words to express ideas and thoughts but the feeling of waking up the next morning without pain or discomfort, of actually feeling rested and energized and GREAT, was difficult to articulate. I thought maybe it was a fluke or just dumb luck but after a month of using Target as needed, there was a light at the end of the tunnel. In the form of a delicious pink drink that oddly enough reminds me of lemonade. Uqora has changed my life for the better. I feel like I’m finally normal, that I can enjoy a healthy sex life free of pain and worry. It’s an unbelievable feeling and it has prompted me to spread the word as much as I can.

At this point, I’ve been using Target from Uqora for almost eight months and I’ve only had one UTI. For a chronic sufferer, that’s almost unheard of. And while this product cannot treat a UTI once it has set in, this is the best preventative treatment I’ve ever taken. From one sufferer to another, give it a try. The only thing you have to lose is the fear of your next UTI.


About Casey

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Business writing has been my bread and butter for almost four years. I’ve had the honor of being published with companies such as Huff Post, DistantJob, and Medium. When I’m not writing, I can be found browsing the local bookstores and hiding from my five-year-old. View all my published works here.


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