Preventing UTIs Naturally

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As a way to reduce your risk of getting a UTI, you should be aware of how you can prevent UTIs naturally by making proactive choices for your health.

Prevent UTIs naturally.

UTIs are common because there are so many ways that bacteria can easily make it to your urinary tract and cause an infection. If you recurrently get UTIs, it’s important to address the underlying issues triggering your infections. Some common causes of UTIs include dehydration, sexual intercourse, or even birth control, but triggers are different for everyone. It’s important to know what causes your UTI in order to help prevent it!

Antibiotics for treatment is different from prevention.

Some doctors will prescribe you antibiotics to treat your UTI symptoms even before your bacteria culture (which tells you about the kind of infection you have) returns from testing. This is because antibiotics are the most effective treatment against UTIs, even though some studies have shown some benefit in delaying using antibiotics for simple infections. The research is limited there, but the general idea is that there are a number of other things outside of antibiotics that can help you naturally prevent future UTIs.

What are the benefits of using alternative prevention methods to antibiotics?

Even though antibiotics are an effective treatment for UTIs, they won’t address the root cause of the problem. Various risks involved with taking antibiotics include building a resistance to the medicine, making it ineffective for long-term use (should you get recurring UTIs).

For now, be aware of ways to prevent UTIs naturally as opposed to antibiotics.

Here are a few general things you can do help prevent UTIs naturally and work towards a healthier lifestyle with a long-term solution.

Drink water and pee frequently. Stay hydrated so that you’re flushing the bacteria from your bladder; this gives them less time to cling to your urinary tract which is needed to start an infection.

Urinate as often as you need to. Holding in your pee or not emptying your bladder at once are easy ways to get an infection. It’s important to pee before and after sex to try to flush out any bacteria gained from sexual activity.

Take probiotics and don’t forget your vitamins. Deficiencies in vitamin D, Zinc, and Magnesium can be solved with vitamin supplements, all of which can improve your overall health.

You can easily get your vitamins with your diet too; eat lots of veggies, which are high in vitamins, and probiotics like yogurt to help your gut flora. All of these make a healthy foundation to naturally prevent a UTI:

  • Yogurt, a common probiotic
  • Other fermented foods that are also probiotic, like sauerkraut or kimchi
  • Leafy greens like kale or spinach that are high in vitamin C
  • Garlic (studies show effectiveness against bacteria)

If you get UTIs after having sex, always have a plan. Because women’s urinary tracts are closer to their vaginal area, UTIs are common after sexual intercourse when bacteria are exchanged. There are a lot of ways you can naturally prevent UTIs by making proactive choices.

  • Avoid barrier contraceptives like diaphragms as birth control, which can increase your risk of getting an infection.
  • Take care of your vaginal area before and after sex. Clean well to stay safe
  • Urinate before and after sex to help flush out bacteria from sexual intercourse. This can help prevent the chance of an infection occurring
  • Take Uqora before and after sex to reduce the chance of getting an infection

When you know what triggers your infection, you can have a thorough plan to make sure that you can naturally prevent future UTIs. That’s why Uqora is here for you.

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