Taking Antibiotics After Sex for UTIs

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Antibiotics after sex for UTI prevention

Is your doctor suggesting you take an antibiotic after sex to prevent UTIs?

While sex doesn’t directly cause UTIs, it’s an easy way for bacteria to be introduced to your urinary tract. Your doctor may suggest taking antibiotics after sex as a preventative measure against an infection, and you should know how antibiotics influence your odds of getting a UTI  and what it means for your health. 

How sex may increase your risk for an infection

UTIs are caused when bacteria infiltrate the urethra which is connected to your bladder. Because a woman’s urethra is close to their genital area, it’s easy for bacteria to reach the urethra during sex and result in an infection.

This is also why women are more prone to contracting a UTI after sex than men; a shorter urethra makes it easier for bacteria to reach the bladder. Sex, combined with this anatomical difference, increases the risk of developing a UTI.

Is your doctor suggesting you take an antibiotic after sex to prevent UTIs?

Your doctor may recommend taking prophylactic antibiotics after sex because they’re a proven to be effective in treating UTIs, and that same logic can apply for prevention.

It’s important to be aware of the potential side effects of taking medicine to prevent UTIs. Your body can build a resistance to antibiotics, making medication ineffective for treating the infection should it reoccur, and also potentially complicating your treatment options in the future.

While taking antibiotics regularly for prevention can help with recurring UTIs, it can also be a slippery slope. Antibiotics often wipe out all of the bacteria in your body, good and bad, which means that other infections, like yeast infections, can thrive in the way of a cycle of antibiotics or regular usage. For more information on the potential risks of taking antibiotics after sex, read our other article on prophylactic antibiotics after sex here.

Other ways you help prevent getting a UTI after sex

Regardless of whether or not you’re taking antibiotics after sex to prevent a UTI, there are other ways you can reduce the risk of an infection, including:

  • Urinating before and after sex
  • Washing your genital area before and after sex
  • Choosing underwear that doesn’t trap moisture in your genital area, which encourages bacteria to grow
  • Not using a diaphragm or spermicide for birth control; these contraceptives allow urine and bacteria to collect 
  • Drinking Uqora directly after sex to flush out UTI-causing bacteria, every time. Uqora's multifold defense gives you the protection you need against bacteria

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