The Power of Hormonal Health

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About Blume

Created by two sisters, Taran and Bunny, Blume was created to de-stigmatize periods and create the next generation of confident, tenacious and conscious women. Blume offers a range of good-for-you and good for the environment clean beauty and menstruation products.

Hormonal health in your daily routine

We’re always told to take care of our bodies but there’s a lot that goes into it beyond eating your veggies and getting your 10k steps in. We need to talk about hormonal health! Our hormones influence every part of our body, from the brain to our mood and all the systems (organs, fertility, hunger, etc).

Nurturing your hormonal health is fundamental to a healthy body and we’ve put together easy steps to do so in your daily routine:

Here at Uqora, we know how hormones can drastically affect all aspects of our body including our urinary health. Changes in our estrogen levels play a direct role in the urinary tract.

In addition to taking your Uqora regimen consistently, Blume shares other lifestyle tips to keep hormonal health top of mind.  

Tips to put your hormonal health first

Regular routine exercise:

Doesn’t mean the workout is routine but the practice should be! Mix it up with all the fun YouTube workouts, stretches and guided meditations available or have fun with it and workout with a friend IRL to boost endorphins!

Monitor your sugar intake:

Simple but a tough one, especially for our sweet-toothed friends. Substitute your soda with an iced water with lemon! Trust us, it’ll be worth it.

Manage your stress levels:

Stress can feel all too real, especially in 2020. Track your stress levels in a journal or on your phone to see what triggers it and dedicate a daily routine (big or small) to practice some self care whether that’s skin care, your fave Netflix show or a quick clean up of your space.

Get enough sleep in!

What day of the week is it?! Allow yourself 15 mins before bed without the phone and try to get 8 hours of sleep in a day and let that work its magic. This will help your body rest, reset and regenerate the hormones in your body for a new day ahead.

When selecting products for our hormonal health, it's important to be mindful of ingredients. Uqora and Blume both prioritize using ingredients found in nature.

Clean beauty:

Self care should be good for your body and the environment, not disruptive. You want to find skin and body care products with transparent ingredient lists you can trust and we love Blume’s line of natural self care products to do all that (and more). Blume focuses on smashing taboos of very normal experiences like puberty, acne, periods and sex ed.

blume products

Their best selling Meltdown acne treatment is full of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients to zap zits overnight. Unlike mainstream acne treatments with chemicals that often do more harm than good, Meltdown doesn’t mess with your hormonal balance. The powerful blend of oils tackle redness and bumps while healing any stubborn acne scars and preventing future breakouts (hi stress acne and maskne).

When PMS hits hard, Cloud 9 Essential Oil Roll-On is designed to ease bloating, body aches, period cramps and boosts mood. Roll your PMS pains and problems away (literally) with this gentle blend of soothing essential oils. Apply directly on your wrist, temple, back, neck or directly on the abdomen where you experience cramps. No extra pills or tablets, just a natural remedy.

Our fave tampons are from Blume, too, because they’re made of 100% organic cotton, nothing else. With entirely recyclable packaging, we feel good using these for a safe and comfy flow!

Hormonal health sits on top of our checklist when it comes to body care. Follow these simple routine steps and build a self care practice that’s good for your body and the environment. Blume’s mission to make periods and self care easier, healthier and more accessible is exactly what we need this year. Just good vibes and self love, nothing to hide.

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