True Customer Stories: "It's just about helping each other out and opening up the conversation"

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Maybe 1 of every 2 people I have met have had [a UTI], so it’s just about helping each other out and opening up the conversation. I’ve been literally giving Uqora to everyone I know, my co-worker has tried it, I have tried, I just pass it out.

As part of our True Customer Stories series, we bring you the full scoop from our customers—all about their history with UTIs, everything they've tried to prevent UTIs before Uqora, whether UTIs run in their family, and more. 

We chatted with Uqora customer Karina M (29 years old, pictured below). Thanks so much for sharing, Karina!

 Uqora True Customer Stories

Where do you live?

Karina: Kew Gardens, NY

What’s your favorite thing about Kew Gardens?

Karina: It’s quiet relative to NYC. It’s such a difference from my weekday work commute, so it’s nice to wind down.

When did you first getting UTIs? How old were you?

Karina: I was about 15 years old. I googled a lot and figured it out. As soon as I read the symptoms on google, I knew what it was. But it progressed so quickly and I was so scared.

What’s the weirdest or most extreme thing you’ve tried for UTI prevention?

Karina: Well, this isn’t me, but this week I was talking to my co-worker, and she was drinking cucumber and ginger juice for the whole day for UTI prevent UTIs.

Do UTIs run in your family?

Karina: We really don’t talk about it. My family is private in that way, it’s a weird topic. But my mom has definitely dropped hints that she has also had UTIs.

What’s the one thing you think people get wrong about UTIs?

Karina: I think that people have an idea that you can only get it if you have sex, but anybody can get it. For example, my coworker had one last week, and she had definitely not been having sex, so she must just have been working out or something. But people have this negative image that it’s for someone who has been having sex every day but that’s not the case—it’s part of why I hate buying UTI products in the store.

What’s your message to the other ladies out there who are struggling with UTIs?

Karina: This might sound like a sales pitch, but I really do love Uqora. I’ll tell you a story and why I think so. I went to Thailand in May, and I ordered the trial pack (3 days), and I happened to get one literally right before my flight, and the flight was 16 hours. And I’m dying. And the only thing that saved me was those 3 little packets of Uqora, and they helped me contain it until I was able to land in Thailand.

So I’d definitely recommend Uqora, that's my #1 thing. I think just get it under control. Every person I’ve met, maybe 1 of every 2 people have had one, so it’s just about helping each other out and opening up the conversation. I’ve been literally giving Uqora to everyone I know, my co-worker has tried it, I have tried, I just pass it out.

How did you find Uqora?

Karina: I was on Instagram, and it was one of the advertisements that came up, and I know that I’ve always had an issue with it, so I tried it.

When do you drink Uqora?

Karina: I drink it after sex, the gym, etc—after the activities that I know increase my risk.

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Karina! So glad you’re part of our community.

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