True UTI Stories: The Good, The Bad, The Crazy

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Real stories from real people about UTIs.

Life with UTIs... never a dull moment, right? Especially when it comes to the pain!😫 We reached out to our community about their experiences and the responses are nothing short of validating and entertaining. 


We asked: Anyone have any crazy UTI stories? 


1. “I got a UTI after riding Splash Mountain at Disneyland 🙄.” — Jess 

2. “Peeing in the shared garden in front of my building as I couldn't hold it ‘til home.” —Lea G.

3. “Had to mother my toddler all day from the toilet while I sat in pain. Even nursed! 🚽🤱” — Sarah B. 


4. "Got my first ever extremely painful UTI while on a car ride with dad 🙄” —Chandler D. 


5. “Got a UTI while trekking in the Vietnamese jungle for 5 days! I had to power through!” — Jessie B. 


6. “I got my first UTI during a cat 4 hurricane with no way to leave or get any meds. It was not fun.” — Rachael R. 


7. “I once had 3 different UTIs in one week!” — Angharad M. 

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Then we asked: What does life feel like on the other side of UTIs?


1. “Not having to spot first where’s the ladies room every time I enter somewhere.” —Leticia A

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2. “Oh my it’s like I knew it would happen but still didn’t believe, and then it actually happened.”—Lara 

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3. "Don’t have to think twice before I have to go to the restroom because it hurts too much.”— Noya 

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4. "It’s only been 2 weeks, but it’s been SO WONDERFUL off of antibiotics and having energy.” —Erin 

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5. "It feels like an ORGASM!” 

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6. "Still on antibiotics but starting to feel amazing not a care in the world 😛”

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What's life like on the other side of UTIs for you? Do you have any crazy UTI stories?

We want to hear em! Comment below!

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