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Uqora on Newser!

1 min read

Newser recently published an article on Uqora. Here's the summary in case you missed it! 

If you're part of the UTI tribe, then you know that UTIs are an enormous pain.

Although antibiotics are an easy solution for treatment, interrupting your day with a doctor's visit and waiting for the medicine to kick in is painful, inconvenient and can also be costly. According to Newser, UTIs are an enormous strain on the medical system as a whole, not just as individuals: "Our planet racks up an estimated $6 billion a year in spending on urinary tract infections, according to theAmerican Urological Association. Now, for as little as $15, a potential way to prevent new infections."

Read the full article here.

Prevent your next UTI

You guys... this stuff is a life saver.

"I suffered from CHRONIC UTIs and have had some pretty serious repercussions from taking mass amounts of antibiotics. I have not had a UTI since I started taking uqora. I drink it after things that are my triggers (sex in particular) and it stops it in it’s tracks!"
Lacey, Uqora customer

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