Wanderlust: adventures to make the most of your weekends

May 26, 2017 | Kaitlyn Matousek


Yes, it is finally Friday. The weekend lays stretched out in front of you, filled with endless possibilities. You set out with the best of intentions—explore a new town! check out a new hike!—then all too often fall into the same routine of lounging around the house.

Sometimes your time off work needs to just be a recharge and lounging could be exactly what the doctor ordered. But if you're looking to shake things up over our weekend (or whenever you get time off work), then with a little planning you can have it all.

Would get away, but have too many errands and chores that have built up? Well, try to do your chores throughout the week. If you clean in small increments more frequently you won’t get bogged down with hours of Sunday morning laundry.

Make it easy to be creative on your weekends by making a bucket list ahead of time. This can include places you want to go in a two-hour radius, or activities right in your backyard. If you'd prefer to stay local some weekends, that can still be great. Not every occasion has to be a huge event. I really enjoy inviting friends over to try a new recipe for or having a potluck.

If your schedule allows you to get away for the whole weekend, seize the moment! There is nothing like a new environment to re-start and recharge your batteries.

Staying at hotels can get pricey. A great alternative is Airbnb where people open up their homes or guest houses to travelers. They offer a unique and fun experience compared to chain hotels and are a fraction of the cost. There are amazing Airbnb's located all around the world, just remember to check the reviews of the place you’re considering. To save even more money on your trip buy food from local grocery stores. I always try to make my own breakfast and pack a picnic for lunch.

Want an example itinerary? I'll tell you about one of my favorite weekend retreats in California: Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is filled with a variety of beautiful scenery, adventure, and small city charm. Santa Cruz is one of the first surf spots in North America so it’s only fitting to start off your day at the beach. Two great beaches are Greyhound Rock, a beautiful secluded beach with an amazing views and Pleasure Point, a stretch of cliffs and beach where the heart of local surfing culture lives.

Once you are done at the beach take a quick drive to The Land of the Medicine Buddha, where you can visit a Buddhist temple in the middle of a redwood forest. Take a stroll through magical trees and get lost in tranquility surrounding you. It’s the perfect place turn off your phone, unplug from the world and be present in the current moment.

The iconic Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is the perfect place to end your time in Santa Cruz. It’s an amusement park stretched along a mile of white sandy beach. You can ride on classic old school wooden roller coasters, play games and be a kid at heart.

A weekend filled with the sun, saltwater and games is my perfect getaway, but you don't need the beach in your backyard to make your weekend fulfilling. With any trip, nothing goes exactly as planned but getting lost and finding hidden treasures along the way is almost half the fun.

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