We’re back! Check out our updated look, improved formula and feel and new 3-pack option

February 15, 2017 Uqora Staff

Uqora product images

Uqora is back with a handful of updates and enhancements:

  • New look and feel
  • Refined powder that more easily dissolves 
  • A new 3-pack option as an alternative to our classic 10-pack, perfect for trying out the product

Our re-launch comes at a time when preventative health care is top of mind for women everywhere with the promise of health care reform. Urinary tract infections (UTIs) cause more doctors visits each year than everything but the common cold. UTIs affect one out of two women in the United States —meaning half of all the women you know will get a UTI at some point in their life, and one in every five will suffer from recurring infections.

Antibiotics are the only treatment for a UTI. Antibiotics come with an array of drawbacks, including a time-consuming and sometimes costly trip to the doctor's office combined with the trip to the pharmacy, potential yeast infections that can follow antibiotic use, and the growing risk of antibiotic resistance. We believe in avoiding the whole cycle — which means stopping a UTI from happening in the first place!

Uqora is formulated using the best available clinical research and effective, natural ingredients. Mix this unique formula water when you need it, like after sex or exercise, to promote urinary health.

Uqora’s ingredients inhibit bacteria from adhering to the urethra wall, and also leverage mild diuretics to flush the fluid more quickly than you could on your own. Unlike most solutions, it does not require daily usage making it far more affordable and targeted.

Uqora is available now available for purchase! Place an order today.

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