What is a urinary tract infection (UTI)?

Nov 11, 2016 | Uqora Staff

What is a urinary tract infection (UTI)?

We teamed up with Dr. Payal Bhandari, Uqora’s Scientific Advisor, for a video series about urinary tract infections (UTIs).

In this series, Dr. Bhandari explains how you can get a UTI, what you can do to prevent infections, and how to treat UTIs. It turns out there is a lot you can do on your own to prevent UTIs ranging from the foods you eat, what you drink, and other habits.

What is a UTI? Dr. Payal Bhandari tells us in this first video. If you want to jump ahead you can see all 5 videos here

Rather read than watch? Here is the video transcript:

A urinary tract infection (also called a UTI for short) is initially caused by the bladder becoming irritated or inflamed. This bladder inflammation occurs when the healthy bugs in the bladder can’t control the overgrowth of the unhealthy bugs normally in the bladder. This imbalance of unhealthy to healthy bugs in the bladder leads to a UTI. If the infection becomes severe enough, the infection can travel from the bladder to the kidneys and cause a kidney infection.  

The symptoms which trigger a person to know they may have a UTI vary from the following:  

  • A strong urine odor
  • A feeling that you have to urinate often but only produce a small amount of urine
  • The urgency to urinate and not being able to effectively hold the bladder
  • Change in urine color. For example, the urine looks cloudy or has a tinge of blood.
  • Pain with urination
  • Feeling under the weather with possibly having a fever, chills, or body aches
  • Having pain in the lower back, the center of the pelvis and the area around the public bone

UTI’s are one of the most common reasons women will present to a doctor’s office. In the next video, I’ll explain how you can develop a urinary tract infection.


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