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So far ... so good.

So far - so good. Take everything as indicated and make sure to drink my water whenever a sensitive feeling emerges. I am pleased.


I’ve been struggling with utis for way too long and this product is a miracle! The drink mix is so yummy and I may drink it even when I don’t need to!

Product Review

Been on it for a few days. I’m hoping it’s doing what it’s supposed to do. We shall see.

Life changing

I have been suffering from reccurant UTIs since I was a teenager, I finally broke down and saw a urologist who wanted to put me on daily antibiotics, that route just wasn’t for me. Ever since I started using Uquora I’ve had zero UTIs. This product has aided in increased libido and confidence.

Amazing Product!

I have been battling UTI’s for over 10 years. I have tried hundreds of products and some helped but none of them compare to Uqora! I am 6 months UTI free!

Working Great So Far!

I'm almost done with my first bottle of control and feel great! Haven't had any UTI symptoms since I started it! I'm a believer now!

One month in

I guess you can say I was completely exhausted with trying this or that constantly for UTI relief. The constant pain and the constant dr visits or call in to the drs were weighing me down tremendously both mentally and physically.

It was so exhausting to be worried when the next one was going to hit . The uti would then stem to a yeast infections and or bv because of either antibiotics I had to take , or just the imbalance I was left with.
I started this last month because I wanted to try this after hearing the ads on the radio as well as suggestion from my dr. So far my first full month was very successful , I started getting a very early stage UTI right after my period(my period is a major trigger for uti’s) but that same day my uqora arrived too. I drank the target drink as well as took my control tabs and it diminished the uti ( thank goodness!). I purchased the kit with control and target but i wish I would have ordered the larger target mix packs because i ran out very quickly. I have since ordered additional target drink mixes since i find i use them often with my active lifestyle. Target is a life saver. I use this after any sexual activity as well as after the gym. My only complaint is because I use target so much ( sometimes 2 -3 times a day ) it can be a tad expensive but the relief is worth every penny so no complaints ! Thank you uqora !

I love it!

So far, I’ve had no problems with UTIs on the uqora Target. And I love the pink lemonade taste!


When I seen this product I became very excited and very relieved. Because I can become intimate again without the fear of a UTI. Guess what happen when I became intimate again after being celibate because of the fear. UTI happen!!!


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