Target: flush new bacteria

Drink after sex and other triggers to fight UTIs caused by specific activities. Binds with bacteria and increasing urinary flow to flush out new bacteria.

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Control: break up biofilm

Take daily to fight biofilm. Breaks up biofilm, a tool bacteria use to hide in your urinary tract, later causing UTIs that seem to come out of nowhere.

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Most Protection

The Complete Kit: do it all

Take Control daily, and Target right after high-risk activities. The Complete Kit, Target + Control, provides maximum defense, fighting new bacteria and biofilm.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 955 reviews
Chronic UTI’s finally under control!!

I have had chronic UTI’s and bladder infections since I was a teenager. Playing sports attributed to my UTI’s when I was younger and once I became sexually active it worsened. Since trying Uqora I have not had any symptoms, I simply drink the supplement immediately following sex and take my vitamin daily. Since adding Uqora to my daily regimen I don’t feel the discomfort that I used to from lingering UTI’s. I would definitely recommend this product.


Website explains the science behind Uquora. Very pleased with the product, no side effects and it works. Starting second month of Uqora. Have used both pill and powder form.


My mom, who is in a memory facility had UTI’s every 4-5 weeks. Everyone said once you get them, (from incontinence) it’s a never ending cycle. WRONG
Started Uqora in November 2018; not one since then. Amazing,

It’s great!

I got it for my girlfriend for valentines day after she heard it on Call Her Daddy, she said it worked right away in preventing it. Woo!

This stuff works!!!!

I have been taking the combination of daily tablets and the drink and it works. Love this product.

So far so good.

This is the longest I've gone in a year without a uti. Last one was in Dec. I have been taking control morning and night and drinking the other after sex. So far so good. Thanks.


Been using this product for close to a year now. I put the powder in my water every day and have not have a uti since starting to use it. Phenomenal results. Prior to using this I was on antibiotics every month to cure my UTIs. Truly recommend this product !

No UTI's

placed my second order already, haven't had a single uti since i started taking! I wish they had more flavors than pink lemonade, otherwise it tastes fine and does the job!

Nearly 2 months free

After nearly 2 month of intake, there is no indication of UTI so this is a good sign and hopefully a solution to the problem.

Peace of mind I've been waiting for.

I'm loving Uqora Target! I can use it after sex and feel comfortable knowing it won't interfere with my birth control like my prescription antibiotic does. I feel such relief knowing I don't have to use an antibiotic so frequently anymore. Not a single UTI since I stopped my antibiotic and started using Target!

I love Uqora Control because now there is a natural, safer way to treat the bacteria that has accumulated in my urinary tract over the years and through many UTIs. It is effective and I don't know what I'd do without it now. I have peace of mind now knowing I can safely treat my frequent UTIs.