Say goodbye to UTIs.

Drink all-natural Uqora to flush out UTI-causing bacteria.


Say goodbye to UTIs

Drink all-natural Uqora to flush out UTI-causing bacteria.

Uqora Drink-Mix (10 Servings)

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Why 60% off?

We want everyone to have the opportunity to try Uqora. We’re offering all first-time customers our 10-pack box for just $10.

We’ll lose money on this offer, but we truly believe that you’ll come back once you see what Uqora can do for you.

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What? Uqora’s UTI prevention drink-mix is made only from ingredients found in nature and packaged into perfectly dosed single-use packets (10 per box).

When? Mix 1 packet in 8-12 ounces of water and drink it after sex and after any other activities that you’ve noticed cause your UTIs.

Why? Uqora flushes out new bacteria that may have been introduced during certain activities, like sex.

How? Uqora binds with UTI-causing bacteria and increases urinary flow to flush bacteria out of your urinary tract while boosting your immune system, right when you’re at risk.

  • Safe
  • Natural
  • Gluten-free
  • Sugar-free
  • NOT Antibiotics
  • NOT Cranberry

Customer Reviews

Based on 686 reviews
Absolutely amazing product

I was considered someone who had chronic UTIs. I was 24 when I started getting UTIs almost once a month related to sex. It was frustrating and made me scared to have sex. I finally got it under control when I started seeing a urologist who gave me a low dose antibiotic to take after sex. That fixed the problem, but I hated taking antibiotics so frequently and would skip them sometimes then inevitability get a UTI. I drink one glass of Uqora after sex (for the past month or so) and have not had a UTI nor have I had to take my antibiotics! I think it is a combination of the drink and ensuring that I drink water after sex as well. I will definitely be ordering more of this product.


So far so good. Working!!! Will keep you up dated


Uqora Target - 3 Boxes

Very Helpful

This product works! It is a great relief to have this option verses being on antibiotics too often!


Uqora Target - 3 Boxes

Amazing results

I’ve been using Uqora for a few months now and I’m amazed at how good I feel. I’d get UTIs sometimes every 2 months without any stressers. Now nothing. My friends daughter who I recommended this to also loves it. She wants to be a spokesperson. She uses Uqora after stressers and is also amazed. So far the greatest new product I’ve ever tried.

Works great! - Uqora Target

Was skeptical at first of buying this product but it really has helped me! I’ve had so many vacations and trips ruined because of utis. I feel so much more comfortable knowing I have this if needed.

No more uti’s

Haven’t gotten a uti in the last two months since I started taking Uqora. Been taking the pills everyday and lemonade when ever i need it. Would recommend, nothing to lose except a trip to the doctor.

Life changing.

I cannot say thank you enough for this product. It is a miracle.
I am so prone to UTI’s and get them so frequently that I became resistant to macrobid and was often prescribed cipro.
I went to specialists, no one could figure it out. Ultrasounds on my bladder and kidneys said everything was perfect, so what was going on?
My doctor finally told me that I was going to have to be on a daily low dose antibiotic but that that still may not prevent them entirely.
Since taking Uqora I haven’t had even a trace of discomfort, or those tell tale signs I’m getting a UTI. I drink Uqora daily, I love the taste, and I just can’t believe that there is a product out there that I wish I had known about sooner.

Whatever I can do to get the word out about Uqora I will do.

Thank you SO much.

This stuff really works!!!

I use to get UTIs all the time, and I would be on medicine from a Doctor which barley worked! I’ve been on Uqora for a month, and have not had a single UTI! Highly recommend!

All Ingredients

D-Mannose, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Natural Lemon Flavor, Citric Acid, Organic Stevia, Silicone Dioxide, Beet Juice Powder.

Subscription FAQs

-Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
Yes, you can reach out to us at to cancel your subscription, or do it yourself by accessing your order confirmation email, which includes a link to manage your subscription.

-Can I change my items in my subscription and udpate the delivery schedule?
Yes, you can manage your subscription yourself.

-Is shipping included in the subscription price?
For orders in the U.S., we cover the cost of shipping for each order.

Safety & Quality

Uqora is manufactured in the US (Arizona, specifically!), using the highest quality ingredients possible. As a dietary supplement, our packaging, labeling, ingredients and manufacturing quality are regulated by the FDA pursuant to the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. All the ingredients in Uqora are Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) by the US FDA.

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If you aren't happy with Uqora within 30 days, we'll give you your money back.

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