UTIs are commonly caused by sex, exercise, or triggered by menopause

Over 50% of women have had at least one UTI and over 20% have had multiple. UTIs are extremely painful, uncomfortable, and frustrating, and once you have one, your risk of getting another is dramatically increased. UTIs can also lead to very serious complications, and even more severe infections, like bladder infections.

While not a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD), sexual activity can cause UTIs. UTIs are caused by bacteria entering the urinary tract, adhering to the urinary wall, colonizing, and causing an infection. Those bacteria can be moved toward the urethra during intercourse.

Other activities that increase the risk of UTI include prolonged physical activity and long periods without showering, like camping our traveling.

Additionally, UTI risk increases with age. Some of this risk increases gradually as the bladders surrounding the bladder weaken and the body's immune system weakens. Menopause can also increase UTI risk.

The symptoms of a UTI include a strong and persistent need to urinate, yet difficulty when trying to do so, burning during urination, cloudiness or redness in urine, and/or pelvic pain.

When you get a UTI, the only treatment is antibiotics. Recurring UTIs and repeated antibiotic use can lead to antibiotic resistance, meaning the next time you get a UTI, it may be more and more difficult to fight off.

Those antibiotics cause other problems too. Since UTIs are commonly diagnosed on symptoms alone, very broad antibiotics are often prescribed. These don’t just kill the bad bacteria, but some of the good bacteria too. As a result, antibiotic use for UTIs can lead to other problems like yeast infections. This is because your good bacteria, keeping yeast populations in check, are killed off by the antibiotics.

Other ways to help reduce your risk

  1. Take showers instead of baths
  2. Shower after sex
  3. Wear cotton undergarments
  4. Stay hydrated and drink lots of water
  5. Wipe front to back
  6. Urinate when you feel the need, try not to hold it.

Certain behaviors put you at risk, which we define as sexual activity, prolonged physical activity, or extended periods without a shower. Drink Uqora immediately (1 hour or less) after these activities to maintain urinary health when you’re vulnerable. Uqora takes into effect during your next urination. If you need more consistent coverage, common for post-menopausal women and elderly women, drink Uqora daily for the defense you need against UTIs.

For a full, cited, scientific description of Urinary Tract Infections and the Uqora product, please click here.

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