Say goodbye to UTIs

The solution recommended by Delilah to prevent UTIs

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Say goodbye to UTIs

The solution recommended by Delilah to prevent UTIs

Uqora Drink-Mix

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How does it work?

Our drink mix binds with newly introduced bacteria and increases urinary flow to flush them out of the urinary tract. Drink it directly after sex and other activities that increase your risk of UTIs.


What? Uqora’s UTI prevention drink-mix is made only from ingredients found in nature and packaged into perfectly dosed single-use packets (10 per box).

When? Mix 1 packet in 8-12 ounces of water and drink it after sex and after any other activities that you’ve noticed cause your UTIs.

Why? Uqora flushes out new bacteria that may have been introduced during certain activities, like sex.

You guys... this stuff is a lifesaver.

"I suffered from CHRONIC UTIs and have had some pretty serious repercussions from taking mass amounts of antibiotics. I have not had a UTI since I started taking Uqora. I drink it after things that are my triggers (sex in particular) and it stops it in its tracks!"
Lacey, Uqora customer
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It's a miracle!

"Thank you so much for creating this incredible product. It has changed my life. I have been plagued with UTIs for all of my adult life. Pretty much any time I've had a sex life, I've had to deal with painful, debilitating bladder infections. Since I started using Uqora, that is a thing of the past. And I love the fact that it is natural and if you follow directions, a sure thing. I will never be without it and I tell everyone I know about it. Thank you!!!!!! "
Karen, Uqora customer
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