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As Equelle’s Health Care Provider (HCP) Marketing Associate, you will be our internal champion for building HCP engagement through email marketing communication. You will develop and execute a B2B email marketing program for health care practitioners that provides HCPs education to drive engagement and samples to support maximizing our HCP pipeline, the number of patient referrals, and the positive consumer outcomes with Equelle.  

A sampling of what you’ll be doing: 

  • Responsible for charting the HCP customer journey and executing communication through email marketing to build relationships and patient referrals
  • Translate business goals into effective B2B marketing strategies with HCPs. Own all automated and ad-hoc email marketing communications with HCPs and email marketing A/B testing strategy. Consistently come up with retention and engagement strategies to improve: HCP open%, click%, click-to-open%, HCP referral rates, and HCP LTV.  
  • Develop and implement HCP content. Come up with a quarterly content calendar for email marketing, and collaborate with broader marketing and science teams to generate the content.  
  • Develop and implement all HCP email marketing metrics. Manage key HCP KPIs and dashboards. Leverage Hubspot and Looker reporting to understand HCP behaviors and identify areas to positively improve the metrics. Proactively report out on performance.
  • Manage HCP discovery efforts via survey, call down interviews, and focus groups. While you will provide extra focus on understanding needs of each HCP segment, based on customer referral count as your top priority, you will also begin to understand the needs by HCP specialty type to inform automated email marketing communications.
  • Manage process for educating, maintaining connection with, and sending samples and educational materials for each HCP. This includes in-bound HCPs from our landing pages; you will also be responsible for generating a connection with Equelle for each HCP that consumers are referencing in our post-purchase survey.
  • Reach out to in-bound HCPs to ensure they have what they need; take the opportunity to connect and learn more about their practice to identify and nurture high-potential relationships.
  • Collaborate cross functionally with customer success, marketing, science, retail, and operations teams to integrate broader business marketing campaigns and science-based content into HCP messaging. Collaborate with operations to develop, maintain and execute sample promo material/sample forecasts to ensure samples maintain in-stock and ensure that we stay on a production cycle that can keep up with demand. Lastly, collaborate with the customer success team to optimize the pipeline of patient-referred HCPs through other communication channels.
  • Eventually, you’ll concept & project manage an HCP-facing microsite with content geared specifically towards HCP professionals, leveraging Equelle's D2C marketing team for best-practices. 
  • Key KPIs: HCP referral rates, HCP LTV, email engagement: HCP open%, click%, click-to-open%, samples sent-to-referral rates.

Who you are: 

  • Collaborative and communicative. You find it easy to work with many types of people and communicate with ease. You’re comfortable leading and following, and believe collaboration is key to success. You’re able to see patterns and trends and know how to communicate what’s relevant to your teammates effectively. 
  • Organized. You are comfortable translating new activities into an organized process. You bring structure and repeatable process to your work and are constantly looking for efficiencies and ways to scale. 
  • Spongey. You’re inquisitive, and treat every conversation as an opportunity to learn. You can see and communicate trends through seemingly disparate patient and HCP touchpoints. 
  • Analytical and business minded. You understand data, and know that it’s important to gain insights from the data, optimizing the email programs to move the needle on key KPIs for the HCP channel. You know how your work positively impacts the HCP channel and look to run it as a business inside a business.
  • A do’er. If you see something that needs to get done, you’re quick to jump in. You take initiative and ownership over your work and move things forward.
  • Growth-minded. You can see the forest through the trees. You’re comfortable working on small tasks and big picture ideas, and know that everyone needs to roll up their sleeves and dive in when you’re growing a channel from the ground up. 

Required experience:

  • 1-3 years of digital or email marketing experience. Experience configuring, QAing, deploying, and optimizing email campaigns via data-driven insights
  • Experience implementing triggered campaigns and automated B2B email lifecycle journeys to drive engagement and retention
  • Experience with B2B email marketing martech including Hubspot, Looker, or other B2B email marketing platforms
  • Relevant eCommerce to direct-to-consumer experience, ideally for a subscription based business
  • Analytical skills, excel skills, with curiosity and desire to learn
  • Knowledge of email marketing privacy requirements including CAN-SPAM
  • Excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal skills


  • Understanding of the healthcare provider ecosystem
  • Experience at a high-growth start-up ideally in health & wellness

Additional details: 

  • Based in San Diego, CA (we have a hybrid work environment, in which we work in-office two days a week. You must be fully vaccinated to work at Equelle.)
  • Full-time, salaried. Salary Range: $72,000 - $85,000 per year.
  • Generous PTO policy (unlimited)
  • Health, vision, and dental benefits 


Please apply via the website form with your resume attached. We know you’re more than a resume and would love to hear from you as part of your application. Please provide a brief (3-4 sentence) answer to each of the following questions:

  • What do you find exciting about this particular role?
  • What are some of the skills you possess that contribute to your past successes in email marketing?
  • What platforms do you prefer to work with and why?


Equelle is tackling menopause care in a new way, with a unique daily product that mimics estrogen in the body by leveraging a plant-based active ingredient. 

When it comes to menopause, you’re faced with a dearth of options and the landscape feels extreme. You can choose between hormone replacement therapy (which can feel invasive to many and dangerous to some) or over-the-counter products with limited science and efficacy. 

Equelle’s novel, innovative approach to menopause symptom management has been validated in three clinical trials, and its active ingredient, S-equol, has been scientifically studied for over 20 years. Menopause symptoms range widely—34 symptoms are associated with menopause!—but all symptoms are related to the steep drop in estrogen production that comes with menopause. Because Equelle mimics estrogen in the body, Equelle can help manage a range of the most bothersome symptoms.

Aside from providing breakthrough relief with science-backed products, Equelle is on a mission to change the conversation around menopause. Every single woman goes through menopause, yet we still talk about menopause as if it’s a taboo medical condition. Women deserve frank conversation, high-quality education, and effective products to tackle the symptoms that come with peri- and postmenopausal. Equelle aims to shift the conversation through an engaging community, high-quality educational resources, and, of course, science-backed products. 

Inclusivity at Equelle:

Diversity and inclusion is a priority for us. At Equelle, we’re committed to making our employees and community members feel seen, heard, and valued - while honoring what makes us different. We promise to remain focused on this journey of growth so we can become better advocates for our community, and we’d love for you to join us on that mission! 

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